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Company formation worldwide!


Confidus Solutions is an international team of law and finance experts providing company formation, business immigration, banking, accounting and other business support services worldwide. We have numerous experts and partners around the world. Our lawyers and agents have served over 5000 clients in 10 years. Our many years of experience and competence enable us to offer first-class services worldwide. Our greatest values are your time and convenience, which makes Confidus the best choice as your corporate attorney.

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Buy, register or acquire new or a ready-made company with the Confidus Solutions expert assistance. We provide full business and legal support with incorporating a new or purchasing a ready-made company. Out field of expertise includes, but is not limited to commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, c...
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Zambia is considered to be a developing nation. The developmental stage of a nation is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to, economic prosperity, life expectancy, income equality, and quality of life. As a developing nation, Zambia may not be able to offer consistent socia...
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The monthly minimum wage in Tonga is $70. Tonga has a national debt equal to 48.4% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) estimated in 2014. In terms of consumer prices, the inflation rate in Tonga is 2%. The currency of Tonga is Tonga Pa'anga. The plural form of the word Tongan pa'anga is pa...
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Company formation in LaosThe development of telecommunications and economic globalization have made it possible for interested investors to set up companies all over the world. With proper research, financial investment and legal backing, business ventures can be safely incorporated in almost any co...
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Pros and Cons of Using BitcoinDue to Bitcoin's relatively novel nature, its price can rise or fall unpredictably over a short period of time, and it can sometimes be more illiquid than other types of currencies. This means that storing your savings in bitcoins is a risky decision and not recommended...
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A registered office is an official address of a legal entity assigned by every entrepreneur in the incorporation process. It can also be referred to as the legal seat, registered office or domicile. Along with a registration number, a registered office is a mandatory attribute for any type of legal ...